Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to Back Appointments

Kai had two appointments today--Cardiologist and Ophthalmologist.

His PDA is still open and very small. Since it is still not affecting him at this time (by growth, development, or illness) the doctor thinks its best to just keep watching it until he is 2-years-old and hopefully it will have closed by then. If it has not closed by two, she recommends a procedure through a main artery to close the hole. This procedure is elective though.

EKG followed by sonogram 

Today was his first eye exam. They dilated his eyes and checked for near sighted (which he is not!) and for cross-eyes (which he is not!). So not glasses at this time, but he does want to keep his eye exams every six months until he is 4-years-old. He told me that he is simply at risk for needing glasses at any time and may go cross-eyed any time now until around age three or so. 

Almost dilated all the way and I don't think his right eye is 'crossed'...I was three inches away from his face...I'm sure I would crossed my eyes!

Now that he is crawling, he is well on his way to walking....?? Probably not anytime soon, but he loves to pull himself up on anything!


Chris B. said...

He is an impressive little man! I can't wait to be up there on a more regular and hopefully permanent basis!

Uncle B

Brandi Huckaby said...

I was sharing Kai's story with Oliver's NICU nurse a few days ago and it gave her goosebumps!! Go Kai, go!!!

ashley sihler said...

Thanks B. He certainly is a miracle! It will be nice to have you around along with family. :)

ashley sihler said...

Thank you Brandi! He definitely suprises me with his progress everyday.